Can I get a blood or urine test?

There are many reasons why individuals order lab testing or blood work online. It may be due to health concerns, sport requirements or for those who find they can never get in to see their own doctor. SwiftMed can arrange blood and urine tests for New Zealand residents or even visiting tourists.

Just make a hassle-free online booking with one of our SwiftMed doctors, so we can discuss your concerns and organise the tests you require. After the consultation, we will send the lab request form to your closest laboratory and email you the contact details of your local testing centre.

We work with major laboratories, like Southern Community Laboratories and LabTests, as well as smaller, local labs. These labs are all IANZ accredited which provide the highest quality of testing and often are the same labs your doctor uses. Simply visit a local lab near you to give your blood work or urine sample for testing, just as you would with your GP. Your result will be stored within your secure health record and can be copied to your own Doctor on request.

Whether you wish to monitor a condition or disorder, or want to rule out various diagnoses. We have many tests to choose from. Some of our popular tests include:

  • Cholesterol / Lipid Panel
  • Thyroid/Iron/Hormones
  • Blood count
  • Kidney and Liver levels
  • STD Testing

The cost of the tests are free for New Zealand Citizens or Permanent Residents, however payment is required at the laboratory if you are a tourist, or have a working holiday visa. Please ask the SwiftMed doctor for an estimate of these costs.

SwiftMed will contact you with your test results as soon as they are received by our team, and can arrange treatment as necessary for you. If you need testing to help you get answers to some important health questions, or you are in between doctors and want a general check-over without the price-tag, follow the link below to book.

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